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How to Prepare for New Year’s Day Racing at Cheltenham

Entertainment and sport all rolled into one is what you’ll find at Cheltenham’s New Year’s Day Race Festival

The last few months of 2021 are flying by, and with January rapidly approaching, people are already beginning to think about their plans for New Year’s Day. Why not kick off 2022 with a bang at the prestigious Cheltenham Racecourse by having a front row seat to some fantastic horse races? This annual event sees spectators from all over the UK come together to enjoy entertainment and sport at one of the country’s most notable venues.

In this article we will outline everything you need to know about race day as well as some ways to prepare for all the action.

A Bit About Cheltenham Racecourse

The festivities will take place on Saturday, January 1st at Cheltenham Racecourse at Prestbury Park near Gloucestershire. Home of the Gold Cup and famous Cheltenham Festival, this course is no stranger to high-profile horse race tournaments. It’s also known for hosting some of the best purebreds in jump racing, which is why it has been nicknamed ‘The Home of Jump Racing’. The venue itself boasts 350 luscious acres that overlook the rolling green hills of Cotswold. Although the very first Cheltenham races took place on Nottingham Hill in 1815, the course was relocated to Prestbury in 1831. The venue is the second largest in the country after Ascot, accommodating a total of 67,500 within its track perimeters. Who knows, maybe soon you could be among one of these spectators! However, before booking your pass to the New Year’s Day racing extravaganza, check out some of these helpful tips below.

Find a Reliable Online Sportsbook

Anyone who knows anything about horse racing is aware that the sport is associated with a huge betting culture. After all, many of the spectators you will see at any racing event have previously placed wagers on a certain jockey’s horse who they believe will come out on top. If this is your first live race event and you also want to pick a horse prior to the big day, use this time to research the best online or mobile sportsbook that offers extensive options for horse betting.

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Of course, you’ll want to ensure that the bookmaker is fully licenced to operate in the UK. Since it will be your first time interacting with the service, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll be offered some type of promotional opportunity like free bets or a welcome bonus after signing up. Additionally, many virtual sportsbooks will also provide all the latest odds and stats on competing horses as well as tips for smart wagering. Since there is a lot of specific vocabulary that surround the sport, you may want to do your own research and spend time learning some of the most commonly used terms. These will most likely pop up in conversation with fellow spectators. Because horse racing has been so important in the context of England’s culture for so many years, you’ll be joining a long list of other fans that have participated in the activity for decades. Not to mention betting has a way of taking the race day experience to the next level, enhancing the overall entertainment value of the sport.

The sport of Horse racing is imbedded into the fabric of the UK’s history and culture

Choose Your Race Day Outfit

Betting isn’t the only thing that has been historically significant in the sport of horse racing. For many years, a supreme sense of style and fashion has been synonymous with these racing events, as both men and women dress for success on the track. Although Cheltenham Racecourse does not have any official dress code as some other venues do, it is still common for guests to dress smart. Traditionally, women wear extravagant hats and colorful dresses to prestigious horse racing events. However, since the New Year’s Day race is a bit more casual than the famous Cheltenham festival, a mix of smart casual and fancy is acceptable.

As far as gentleman go, they may wear anything from a collared shirt with trousers and nice shoes, to a suit and tie with tweed pants. When it comes to accessories, women may don light jewelry in addition to a hat, with men commonly sporting a watch or cufflinks depending on the event. Generally speaking, jeans, trainers, exercise wear, and flip flops are frowned upon at all horse racing events. The bottom line: it’s always better to dress on the ‘smarter’ side than the super casual one. Although it is true that we often overestimate what people notice, especially when it comes to clothes, it can make you feel more prepared if you are dressed up for an occasion where you know others will be also.

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Be Ready for Any Type of Weather

Since the races will take place in January, the air is bound to be a bit brisk and chilly. Therefore, your outfit should include a fashionable coat or jacket that is capable of keeping you warm the entire day. And, because England is notoriously known for its high level of rainfall, perhaps the event will see some dark clouds. This is why all guests should be prepared with an umbrella or raincoat at Cheltenham. In the event that the rain is so heavy that it becomes dangerous for horses to compete, the races will be delayed or canceled. Regardless, when it comes to weather, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for the unexpected.

Download the Jockey Club App

Nowadays, technology is leveling up every sports experience, and horse racing is no different. If you’re planning on attending New Year’s Day at Cheltenham or any other race here, be sure to download the Jockey Club App. This helpful tool will connect you with a digital racecard that includes your mobile tickets as well as live updates about events happening year-round at the tracks.

So, what are you waiting for? Start making a plan to celebrate 2022 in style at Cheltenham. Tickets will go on sale soon, with several different options for purchase available, including group and individual bookings.