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Opel has not changed its electric vehicle strategy and wants to go electric by 2025

Opel has not changed its electric vehicle strategy and wants to go electric by 2025

‘from [vul hier toekomstig jaartal naar keuze in] “We only sell electric models,” nearly every major car company has announced. Companies like Ford and General Motors are pulling back and slightly ahead of the deadline, partly due to disappointing sales. But not every brand wants to deviate from the planned path. Opel’s president confirms that the German brand will stick to its current electric vehicle strategy. This means that Opel cars with gasoline engines are quickly disappearing.

Opel boss Florian Heuttel says no Car News He “truly believes” that electric vehicles are the best way to make traffic emissions-free. Huettl is also focused on budget motorists: “Our focus is really on making these cars accessible to a broad customer base.” For example, there should be a cheaper model around €25,000 below the electric Corsa.

Right now the cheapest electric Opel is the Corsa Electric (if you don’t count the Rocks Electric as a car), but that will change soon. Opel recently introduced the new Frontera. The electric car costs at least €30,499, which is €500 cheaper than the Corsa Electric. The Frontera sits on the same platform as the slightly cheaper Citroën ë-C3.

Do you sell little Opel electric cars?

Opel’s annual report shows that the brand sold more cars last year than it did in 2022. The number increased by 15 percent, bringing the total to about 670,000 cars. Electric car sales also rose to about 90,000 units. As a result, less than 15 percent of all newly sold Opel vehicles are electric. That doesn’t stop Huetel. He is confident that the share of electric vehicles within Opel will continue to rise thanks to the growing range within the brand.

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When will Opel want to sell only electric cars?

This year, Opel is still in the stage where electric cars and gasoline cars coexist, but next year Opel gasoline cars will end. Huettlt confirms that the German brand is committed to the plan 2025 Selling electric cars only. “The brand is sticking to its plan to offer fully electric powertrains only from 2025,” he writes. Car News. Therefore, the new Frontera Hybrid will only be on sale for one year.

The Opel lineup was recently updated with a facelift and thus the new Frontera. When new models are released again, they will resemble the Opel concept car. “Opel loves working with concept cars and turning them into reality. The pilot represents the next step in our plans to switch to fully electric cars in future models,” said Hoettl. “We hope that the Manta concept will also play a role in these plans.”

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