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Opel will only make electric cars for the EU from 2028 and come with Manta-e – picture and sound – News

harmful to the environment? Everything has to be electric anyway, so what does it matter if it’s a sedan or an SUV?

Because the same energy is still needed to propel that extra 500-1000kg car. With the power requirement of 2 SUVs, you can drive roughly 3 sedans/hatchbacks, and the electricity has to come from somewhere. Even if it’s completely green, it costs raw materials and space that can’t be used for anything else. Also, producing 2,000 kg of a car is by definition more taxing than producing 1,000 kg of a car, of course.

Bad for safety? I feel safer with a slightly larger car personally.

It’s partly true that your front shock absorber would be at the same level with my window, if you were to hit me sideways. Because of the difference in weight, this also continues until your engine is about halfway through my cabin. Accidents for pedestrians and cyclists in SUVs are often more dangerous than cars in which you are at a slightly lower risk. Not because I doubt your driving skills, you see, I see the most unusual actions of drivers in small cookie tins 😋

Again it’s everyone’s right to drive whatever they want, hear me personally, don’t really hear about it. But there are consequences to the differences. I drive a Xsara and fully accept that I take some risks and give up sight lines for some other advantage. If you buy a new car, it will be something like this again, in part because of the above considerations. something for everyone :)

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