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Europe fines BMW and Volkswagen 875 million euros – IT Pro – News

It’s not necessarily about injecting more adblue, it’s a bit simple. It is about optimizing the after-treatment of exhaust gases and associated systems.

This way you can achieve higher efficiency in neutralizing NOx and other emissions with fewer Adblue but more sensors and an adapted DPF and exhaust design. For example, a Daimler system with 3 or 4 DPFs in a full exhaust system where only the last Adblue is applied.

Volkswagen and BMW have already seen the storm coming and have made agreements with Daimler not to do so especially outside of the engines in the upper segment. That’s why we’re left with inefficient DPF systems that use more fuel to burn clean DPF and consume more Adblue than the Daimler design. Why Daimler went with this is not at all clear.

But in any case, as a result of this cartel formation, the consumer consumed more diesel, used more Adblue and because the current system uses only 1 DPF, there is also a greater chance of breakdowns and defects at very high costs.

This distorts the competition. After all, there was no good technical or financial reason why BMW, Audi, VW, Porsche and Mercedes Benz could not adopt this technology. The technology is already applied and proven to be the best. They also cost a little more, but in total for the car we are talking about 100-400 euros. So nothing.

By the way, it is also not unimportant, that the environment and public health were not at all involved in this unnecessary transaction. And whether you drive a diesel, petrol or electric car, we as a society all bear the costs of these kinds of short-sighted agreements.

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