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Opening of the play-offs for the Champions with the derby Brussels and FC Brugge - Antwerp, a week later Anderlecht - Club Brugge

Opening of the play-offs for the Champions with the derby Brussels and FC Brugge – Antwerp, a week later Anderlecht – Club Brugge

The potential decisive duels between the number one and number two in the regular competition, Union and Club Brugge, are only three days apart. The confrontation is scheduled to take place in Duden Park on May 8 (1:30 pm). Club Brugge – Union will take place on the 11th of May (8:30 pm) at the Jan Breidel Stadium.

Round 1 Champions Qualifiers

4/24 13:30: Club Brugge – Antwerp

24/4 18h30 Union – RSC Anderlecht

The second round of the Champions Qualifiers

1/5 at 13:30 Antwerp – Al Ittihad

1/5, 6:30 pm, Anderlecht – Club Brugge

Round 3 Champions Qualifiers

8/5 13:30 Union – Club Brugge

8/5 6.30 pm Antwerp – Anderlecht

Round 4 Champions Qualifiers

11/5 8:30 PM Club Brugge – Union

12/5 8:30 pm Anderlecht Antwerp

Fifth round of the Champions Qualifiers

15/5 13:30 Antwerp – Club Brugge

5/15 6.30 pm Anderlecht – Union

Round 6 Champions Qualifiers

22/5 6.30 pm Club Brugge – Anderlecht

22/5 18h30 Union – Antwerp

On the first day of play in the European Qualifiers, KV Mechelen will take on Charleroi on Saturday 23 April (8:45pm). AA Gent and Racing Genk look each other in the eye the next day at 4pm at the Ghelamco Arena. The sixth and final day of play is scheduled for Saturday, May 21 (8:45 p.m.), with AA Gent – Charleroi and KV Mechelen – Racing Genk.

Round 1 European Qualifiers

23/4 8.45 pm: KV Mechelen – Sporting Charleroi

4/24 p.m.: AA Gent – KRC Genk

The second round of European qualifiers

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4/29/ 8.45 p.m.: KRC Genk – KV Mechelen

4/30 6.30 pm: Sporting Charleroi – AA Gent

Round 3 European Qualifiers

6/5 8.45 pm: Sporting Charleroi – KRC Genk

7/5 8.45 pm: AA Gent – KV Mechelen

Fourth round of European Qualifiers

10/5 6.45 pm: KV Mechelen – AA Gent

10/5 9pm: KRC Genk – Sporting Charleroi

Fifth round of European qualifiers

5/14 8.45 pm: Sporting Charleroi – KV Mechelen

15/5 4 PM: KRC Genk – AA Gent

Sixth round of European qualifiers

21/5 8.45 pm: AA Gent – Sporting Charleroi

21/5 8.45 pm: KV Mechelen – KRC Genk

The kick-off match between number four of the Champions Qualifiers and the winner of the European Qualifier is scheduled for Sunday 29 May (6:30 pm). That match would only be played if Buffalos won the cup final between Anderlecht and AA Gent, and Hein Vanhaezebrouck did not win the European play-off.

Finally, the first vaulting competition to keep in/promote to 1A will be completed on Saturday 23 April (6:30 p.m.). Seraing, who closed out the Jupiler Pro League in 17th and penultimate place, will visit RWDM, number two from 1B. On Saturday 30 April, Syring will welcome the club from Molenbeek.

Retain / upgrade the barrage of competition

23/4 18h30: RWDM – Siring

4/30 8.45 pm: Syring – RWDM