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Cristiano Ronaldo apologizes after smashing an Everton fan's mobile phone: "I want to invite someone to Old Trafford" |  sports

The mother of the Everton fan, from whose hands Ronaldo came out with her cell phone, responds in shock: “He has a bruise on his hand, he was in shock” | sports

sportsCristiano Ronaldo (37) showed his worst team on Saturday. The Portuguese walked off the field frustrated after the defeat to Everton and smashed the mobile phone of an Everton fan on his way to the dressing room. Sarah Kelly, the mother of the Everton fan, responded in shock: “I was crying.” Later in the evening, CR7 apologized. Local police and the Football Association are investigating the facts.

No, the big comeback season didn’t bring much fun to Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United. He came out early in the cups and the Champions League, miles away from Manchester City and Liverpool as well as the top four and the Champions League ticket seems far away. Yesterday afternoon Ronaldo and his teammates fell 1-0 at Everton, another setback.

After the match, CR7 – who, by the way, is somewhat damaged from the fight (see photo below) – walked toward catacombs filled with pent-up frustrations. When Portuguese fans provoked Everton, the pause began – Ronaldo blasted a cell phone belonging to Jacob Harding, a home fan, during filming.

Young supporter in shock

Sarah Kelly, mother of 14-year-old Jacob Harding, told The Liverpool Echo that her son felt attacked by Ronaldo and that his first experience as an Everton fan had been ruined. “We were standing by the tunnel where the players were walking and Jacob was just filming. When Ronaldo passed by and pulled out his sock, my son saw that Ronaldo’s leg was bleeding, and his cell phone pointed at Ronaldo’s leg. Just to see what was going on. The Portuguese striker for Manchester United passed by at that moment and smashed The mobile phone from Jacob’s hand.

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He is very angry and does not feel like watching football anymore.

Sarah Kelly, mother of Jacob Harding, Mirror

Jacob’s mother added that his hand was bruised. “You can see from the bruise on Jacob’s hand that there was effective communication. I was crying and my son was in shock. He didn’t realize what had happened until we got home. He is very angry and doesn’t feel like watching football anymore. Ronaldo is an icon for Jacob and he was I can understand his statement when my son waved his mobile phone at Ronaldo, but that wasn’t the case at all. Jacob is autistic and was attacked by a football player, that’s how I see it as a mother.”

Later in the evening, Ronaldo wore the dress via Instagram. “It is never easy to deal with emotions in difficult moments, because we are going through one now. However, we must be respectful, patient and set an example for young people who love football. I would like to apologize for my anger and invite fans to watch a game at Old Trafford. As a sign of play Clean and sportsmanship.”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Broken Rod:

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defend his son

Earlier, Cristiano Ronaldo showed himself generosity. His son Cristiano Ronaldo Jr (11) has been in the eye of the storm on social media in recent days. First, the grandmother, Dolores Aveiro, posted a photo on Instagram of Cristiano Jr wearing the “Yeezy Foam Runner” sneakers, a product co-branded with American rapper Kanye West. A day later, she posted a new photo on the social media platform. Now the 11-year-old is seen wearing an adidas Nike jersey and socks. A mix of brands that didn’t suit everyone.

Cristiano Ronaldo responded firmly to the comments: “He wears what he wants and not what others want.” The comment now has nearly 20,000 likes.

Investigation started

Merseyside Police and the Football Association confirmed that they would investigate Ronaldo’s statement. The FA regrets what happened on Saturday at Goodison Park: “We are aware of the incident and will, in the best interests of both clubs and the player involved, investigate the matter.” Merseyside Police are also in contact with Everton and Manchester United: We can confirm that we are in contact with both clubs and that an investigation is ongoing. Our clients, in conjunction with Everton, are reviewing CCTV footage and are looking for witnesses to determine whether the attack really took place.” Manchester United also confirmed their readiness to cooperate with the investigation.