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Organic thyme honey is fresh in the tee tray

In summer, bees collect honey from thyme growing in the rugged terrain of New Zealand. Thyme blooms mainly in rocky soil and New Zealand blooms in early summer. It is a spicy honey, slightly spicy and has its own character. Delicious in snacks, in a slice (goat) cheese or ground beef.

Five generations of beekeepers
Adam, a New Zealand beekeeper, has been supplying organic honey to De Trek for many years. Beekeeping has been a close family business for many generations. Beekeeping began in 1860, when Andrew (a true pioneer of beekeeping in New Zealand) donated many bees to relatives. Adam and his wife are now fifth generation beekeepers. Adam’s honey has been certified organic since 1995, but organic beekeeping has been their practice since the 1990s.

The forest
In New Zealand, 30% of the land area is protected areas such as national parks and natural reserves. This percentage is much higher than other countries. It offers a lot of native plants. Of course, these areas are untouched in nature and unpolluted. Beekeeper bees fly to wild thyme growing in the arid slopes of southern New Zealand.

Imgrease de Tray
At De Tray they have been making all kinds of honey, honey specialties and vegetable syrups and syrups since 1977. Beekeepers meet the highest standards with professional beekeepers, so the honey is of excellent quality and the beekeeper takes into account the environment of people, bees and plants. The Tray works with 100% constant power.

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