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“Demand from all over the world is high, which quickly made our factory very small.”

Dolan – The demand for automation in cultivation companies has been increasing in recent years. More and more large, but small companies are also investing in machinery and automating their processing process. “Demand is growing among companies that can do more and more with fewer and fewer people,” says Evelyn van Hees of VHM Machine.

New building of VHM machine

The company specializes in the development and automation of processing processes for products that use crates and large bags such as onions and potatoes, but it is not just for that target group. “VHM’s machines can actually do anything you want to do with a box or large bag,” says Evelyn. “Among other things, we manufacture box fillers, forces, turners, lifts, etc. In addition, the machines are built to be limited and easily interconnected. In this way, an entire processing process can be automated and done in stages.”

Orange machines go around the world
Most of VHM Machinery’s customers work in the new manufacturing sector, but they also manufacture industrial machinery. “About 80% of the VHM machine’s production is designed for companies that grow, including onion and potato growers, but recently we had a walnut grower from California.

Orange machines from VHM are now found all over the world. In addition to California, it has customers in the UK, New Zealand and Canada. “The Netherlands is an innovative country in the field of agriculture and machinery, so the developments here are closely monitored by foreigners,” says Evelyn.

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Innovative Center
In a few years, the company has grown significantly in terms of employees and has also made the choice to take as many parts of the manufacturing process into its own hands as possible. Logically, this also indicates the need for more workshop space to accommodate additional machines. The current building – just five years old – is simply too dilapidated, so construction has begun on a large factory extension. This will quadruple the factory area. This space has more office space and a larger production and assembly hall.

“The aim is to create an innovative hub with this building, which will not only accommodate VHM machines, but also a software developer who will settle here. In addition, learning spaces are constantly being made and investments are being made in construction. Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings, ”he concluded.

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