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Over 800,000 AXA customers switch to Crelan after merger: some face problems registering with their new bank

Over 800,000 AXA customers switch to Crelan after merger: some face problems registering with their new bank

Crelan completed the merger with AXA Bank Belgium at the end of last week. About 840,000 AXA customers have been moved to Crelan’s IT system. This worked well, but some AXA customers are having issues logging into the new Crelan app.

In the news: Crelan’s takeover of AXA Bank was already announced at the end of 2021, but the merger was completed last weekend with the consolidation of AXA’s clients. The merger now makes Crelan the fifth-largest bank in the country.

  • Crelan has moved 330 offices and around 840,000 weekend customers of AXA Bank to its IT platform.
  • This is always an exciting process. Things have gone wrong at other banks in the past. For example, BNP Paribas Fortis ran into problems at the beginning of this year after 1 million customers were transferred from bpost to the main bank.
  • The transition from AXA to Crelan has gone smoothly for many customers, according to early reports. Already late the time I know some former AXA customers are having issues signing up with Crelan.
    • You can register via the existing AXA Mobile app, itsme login app or digipass. Customers are having difficulty registering in any way.
  • According to Crelan, the registration problems are the result of a huge influx of new customers.
    • “There are actually no issues with the app itself,” says Caroline Beauvois, a spokeswoman for Krylan. the time. “We have also made more IT capabilities available to more customers who need to register. But there are a lot of customers who want to register at the same time as wait times arise. We ask people to be patient and try again another time.
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but: Anyone who already has access to the Crelan app can’t use all the services yet.

  • “In this way, we are creating additional capacity to enable many AXA Bank customers to seamlessly switch to the Crelan digital environment,” a press release said.
  • The lite version of the app allows (new) customers to review accounts, make transfers in Europe and view credit card payments. For those who were already Krillan customers, nothing would change.
  • The following functions should be available in the coming days: consulting investments, making instant payments, changing direct debits or standing orders or viewing credits.

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