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Overtime: Franca overtime, always in uniform

Franca Overtime is the first female officer at the highest level in the Netherlands. – Photo: KNVB Media

In the 2021 / ’22 football season, we will be portraying ten different (assistant) referees for Eredivisie, just like last year. Based on various VAR moments, this time presenter Fresia Cousiño Arias asks about some results and different rules. In addition, the focus is on the life of a referee off the field. In the third episode of the second season of ‘Extra Time’: Franca Overdoom.

He was the national news in November. Go Ahead Eagles – Franca Overtoom was the first female officer to be at the highest level in the Netherlands during the FC Croningen tournament. She did not expect so much attention from him. Glad you saw it correctly at a result then verified by VAR. When Overdoom looked at the pictures again, “You feel like it took so long.” But you start to doubt, I immediately had the feeling that I was in the right place. “

– Franka sees herself at the highest level in her introduction.

Football family

He comes from a real football family, at least if you look at the kids. Overdoom: “My brother is a referee, my sister is a referee, my other sister is a goalkeeper in indoor football and beach football. And my parents have nothing to do with football.”

Changed from referee to assistant referee. I have the ambition to cross national boundaries and be on the jury for big tournaments. As an assistant referee I have the opportunity to do so.

– Franca overtime at the Royal Netherlands naval base in Den Helter.

Dentist in the Navy

For that she has to train hard. FIFA expects you to train five times a week. “Flagging is hard, but it’s training. In addition to physical training, you also analyze your matches. We train complex offside situations based on pictures. We sometimes do that on the field as well.”

Overdoom combines all this with his work as a dentist in the Royal Netherlands Navy. “I always walk in uniform,” she smiled generously. “I usually work here in Den Helder, on the shores of the Sick Gulf. But recently I was allowed to go to sea with his majesty Carol Torman.”

– Franca works as an overtime dentist.

WK 2023

How does she cope with everything? “Time management. It constantly changes between KNVB and my work. But they think along these lines. I can take special leave for overseas trips.”

Her point on the horizon? “Well, look where the ship is stuck.” We will play in the 2023 World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. The European Championship 2022 is a good stop on the way to the big goal in the UK.