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Overview.  The pressure on hospitals remains high and the number of deaths rises sharply  The interior

Overview. The pressure on hospitals remains high and the number of deaths rises sharply The interior

During the week of April 5-11, an average of 254.1 patients with Covid-19 were hospitalized daily. This is a decrease of 3 percent compared to the previous week. The pressure on hospitals remains high, with 899 coronavirus patients currently in intensive care.

It is the fourth consecutive day that the average hospital admission has decreased on a weekly basis. For the week from April 5 through April 11, each day was averaged 254.1 Corona patients hospitalized included.

There is still a collection of these 3084 people are hospitalized, An increase of 6 percent. The pressure remains very high in particularly intensive care units. There now Filled 899 beds, 8 percent more. It has been since the end of November since the occupation was extremely high.

On Friday, Sciensano virologist Stephen van Gucht has already sounded the alarm about this. According to him, nearly 2,000 IC certified beds are now occupied by Covid and non-Covid patients. We may cross the threshold of 1,000 occupied Covid beds this week.

Death cases

Meanwhile, deaths continue to increase sharply, although this increase was expected, according to virologists. This number is always a few weeks later than the others and is another consequence of the increase in hospitalizations in recent weeks.

In the week from April 5th to April 11th 43.1 people die every day With Covid-19. This represents an increase of no less than 46.6% compared to the previous week. In total there are already in Belgium 23,473 people He died after being infected with Corona.

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In the same period there is an average daily 3558 injuries , Down 20 percent from the previous week.

In total hit now 925,476 injured Corona virus in our country.

However, the rate skewed due to the additional Easter holiday which is still in the comparison period. This can also be seen in the daily figures. Only 1,572 infections were detected on Monday, April 5, compared to 6,147 the previous Monday. The reason is that fewer tests are conducted on Easter. On Tuesday April 6, it will be 5,182 compared to 5,190 the previous Tuesday.


As a result, the average number of tests for seven days also decreased 45245 per day, A decrease of 29 percent.

The percentage of positivity continues to rise slightly to 8.9 percent (An increase of 1.1%). This means that out of all 100 tests, the result is 8.9 positive.


Finally, the data definitely shows that 1,855,977 Belgian first shot With the Corona vaccine, they represent 16.1% of the population. 620,032 people also received a second injection It is fully protected. They represent 5.4 percent of the population.

In Flanders 1,093,889 inhabitants Already at least a first injection, or 16.5 percent. 375,425 of them, or 5.66 percent, are fully protected.

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