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Oxfam Wereldwinkel organizes first locker sale

Oxfam Wereldwinkel organizes first locker sale

Since Oxfam Wereldwinkel in Lichtervelde moved to a new location, a breath of fresh air has blown during the operation. So the new site offers more space for events and Wereldwinkel volunteers are looking forward to using it. After a successful cocktail evening in September, there will now be a locker sale for the first time.

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“We are regulating the sale of clothing – or the sale of clothing – not for profitable reasons, but for environmental reasons,” said youth organization Oxfam Worldwinkle. “Giving beautiful, solid clothes a second life is not only good for your wallet, but our planet as well.” So if you have clothes in your closet that haven’t been worn for too long, you can use them over the weekend from on-sale at Wereldwinkel on March 5-6. Clothes can be brought in – after online registration – on Tuesday 1 March between 7 and 8 pm and on Friday 4 March between 2 and 8 pm. “We want to offer a wide range of products with the wardrobe,” said the little ones. “We are still looking for some sellers who are interested in this. Everyone can offer up to 15 items of clothing, three pairs of shoes and some accessories.” Those who prefer only shopping and would like to have nice second-hand goods can visit Wereldwinkel on Saturday 5 March between 10 am and 8 pm and on Sunday 6 March between 10 am and 5 pm. Before, during and after shopping you can eat or drink something. Wereldwinkel itself is also open continuously. (LH)

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