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Painful ruling for Club Brugge: “Devastating for Deila”

Painful ruling for Club Brugge: “Devastating for Deila”

There are only two days left until the match, and the title fight in the Jupiler Pro League has yet to be decided. Club Brugge also still has a chance to win the tournament. It was great considering the performance in regular competition, but only makes sense given the quality of selection.

Blauw-Zwart has been the dominant force in Belgian football in recent years. At least four national titles were won between 2018 and 2022. But last season the glory period ended. The people of Bruges eventually finished a disappointing fourth in the final classification.

This negative trend appears to continue in the current season. Blauw-Zwart again finished fourth in the regular competition, at least 19 points behind winner Union SG. But after an impressive run in the playoffs, the club is now fully in contention for its 19th national title.

Thanks for the half points

There is currently great euphoria in the blue and black camp. But the impressive comeback deserves a big asterisk. The club owes a lot for the points being halved. Were it not for this, third place would currently be just seven points behind Union.

Columnist François Colin asserts that the people of Bruges would not have stood a chance in a different format. “In any civilized footballing country, Club Brugge follows with seven points. This is incomprehensible to those who watched the West Flemish team’s lineup on Monday evening,” he wrote. White devil.

Absolute shame

With the latter, Colin points out the tremendous qualities hidden in the selection of Bruges. In fact, it quite hurts that the club has had such a disappointing season with such a strong core. “On the bench were Vettelsen, Olsen, Nosa, Nielsen, Balanta, Jakers, Spillers and Zinkernagel. Add Vanakken, Michele, Thiago or Gutgla and no one would use the word ‘B team’. That’s the headline. This material will get away is frankly a disgrace and absolutely devastating for Rooney.” “Della.”

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