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Philip Goss has a clear message to Club Brugge's board: 'You have three days to show it' - Football News

Philip Goss has a clear message to Club Brugge’s board: ‘You have three days to show it’ – Football News

Nicky Hayne has already achieved impressive results at Club Brugge since taking charge. The question now remains whether the Blue Black wants to continue with him for a longer period, or whether they will choose another coach.

Club Brugge decided to sack Ronny Deila just before the Champions League qualifiers. Nicky Hayen will take over for a while while a worthy replacement is searched.

Ultimately, Hine is doing very well. It ensures that the club performs particularly well during the qualifiers and competes for the title. It also gave the Blue-Black a historic European semi-final, which they eventually lost.

During the “90 Minutes” podcast they talked about the coach. It is still uncertain whether Hayen will remain coach of Club Brugge next season.

“I think if Klopp plays for the champions, there will almost be no other option but to continue with Hayne. But if they continue with him only in this case, it does not show a lot of confidence,” Charleroi player Dan Heymans said on the podcast according to the podcast. . To Sporza.

Philip Goss takes over. “If you want to continue with him, this is the time to say so. Then give a push. Roma did the same thing to De Rossi on the day of the European quarter-final against Milan, it’s a similar story.”

Joos knows the club must act fast. “If you really believe in Hayen, you have 3 days to show it. If you don’t, everyone will actually know that what Dan is saying is true.”

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