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Paralympic delegation left: "We will go to 10 medals" |  Games for people with special needs

Paralympic delegation left: “We will go to 10 medals” | Games for people with special needs

A week before the start of the Paralympic Games in Tokyo, a large part of the Belgian delegation traveled to Japan. With great ambitions.

31 Belgian Paralympic athletes (and Aniline Monsieur, who serves as a tandem guide) will soon represent Belgium at the Paralympics and a large number of them have already left for Tokyo today.

“It’s been 5 long years since Rio,” said Guillaume Joubert of the Belgian Paralympic Committee. “I can’t believe we’re leaving now.”

Rio was a huge success for the Belgian national team with 11 medals. “A good performance would be great. We’re aiming for 10 medals, and that looks like a possible result.”

There are many candidates for Belgian medals. “In table tennis we have two Paralympic champions: Laurens Devos and Florian Van Acker. Joachim Gérard is a well-known name in wheelchair tennis (he recently won Wimbledon) and in cycling we have a lot of candidates, both on the road like as well as on the slopes, there are also Horse riding, and of course athletics, with Peter Jenin.

It’s been 5 long years since Rio. I can’t believe we’re leaving now.

Joubert clouds

“No family or friends, but it is necessary that they be with us”

As with the Olympics, the Paralympic framework was kept to a minimum. Family and friends are not welcome anyway.

Joubert asserts: “All that is necessary is there.” “But the family is not there and that is very unfortunate. With a positive result, but perhaps more with a negative result. It was the same with the Olympians and he did well there.”

The journey of a group of people with disabilities to Japan, who also take a lot of materials with them, is not easy. “You have cyclists with their air-conditioned bikes, like a tandem bike or a hand bike, you have the athletes with their wheels, … In addition, you also have a lot of medical and paramedical items. Kudos to my colleagues who arranged all these.”

Belgian delegation to Tokyo


  • Jean Francois Deberge (Route – MH3)
  • Maxime Hordes (Remote – MH1)
  • Jonas van de Sten (Route – MH4)
  • Tim Selene (weg – MT2)
  • Laurence VandeVyver (remote – WH3)
  • Griet Hoet (+ Anneleen Monsieur) (Road + Route – WB)
  • Ewoud Vromant (Road + Ramp – MC2)
  • Dedric Schelfhout (Road + Track – MC3)


  • Peter Gene (T51)
  • Joyce Lefevre (T34)
  • Gitte Haenen (T63)
  • Roger Habash (T52)

table tennis:

  • Laurens Devos (TT9)
  • Florian Van Acker (TT11)
  • BART Brands (TT5)

Equestrian sport:

  • Barbara Menese (Group C)
  • Manon Claes (Group D)
  • Michel George (Group E)
  • Kevin Van Hamm (Group E)


  • Tatiana Lebrun (SB9)
  • Aymeric Parmentier (SB14-S14)


wheelchair tennis:

  • Joachim Gerrard
  • Jeff Vandorp


the aim:

  • Clison Mabrini
  • Wassim Amnir
  • Bruno Vanhoef
  • Tom Vanhove
  • Arne Vanhoef
  • Rob Eggson
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