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Ex-speler van Club Brugge imponeert:

The former Brugge player impresses him: “Why did they let him go?” Football 24

Friday December 10, 2021 – 1:00 PM

Arno Danjuma gave Villarreal a win over Atalanta on Thursday. He scored two goals in the Champions League match. became 2-3.

The club sold Danjuma to Bournemouth in 2019 for a filthy 16 million euros. The Dutchman almost helped them advance to the Premier League, but was sold to Villarreal last summer for €23.5 million.

The Spanish press is lyrical about the Dutch striker. as He writes: “The whole football world is talking about Danjuma. The Villarreal striker’s performance against Atalanta was amazing.”

also with Marker, Spain’s biggest sports newspaper, they’re crazy about him: “What was he doing in the second tier of England last year? How could the top clubs in the Premier League have let him go?”

He concluded, “Danjuma is at a fantastic level and continues to make progress every day. If he doesn’t get injured again, he can break all records in a team that plays like magic.” Marker from.

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Ook bij Marca, de grootste sportkrant van Spanje, zijn ze zot van hem: "Wat deed hij vorig jaar op het tweede niveau in Engeland? Hoe is het mogelijk dat de Premier League-topclubs hem hebben laten lopen?"

"Danjuma is van een geweldig niveau en blijft elke dag vooruitgang boeken. Als hij niet opnieuw geblesseerd raakt, kan hij alle records breken in een team dat als een zonnetje speelt", sloot Marca af.


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