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Party in India after stunt against Germans

Party in India after stunt against Germans

After two big wins (9-0 and 11-0) the Dutch juniors enjoyed a well-deserved rest day. But of course many teams operated on the Northwestern University site in Potschefstroom. As India stumbled against Germany, Argentina again plundered the whole.

Wales 3-3 against Malaysia
’15 1-0 Martin
’24 1-1 Howell (sc)
’34 2-1 Sulfilfi (sc)
’38 3-1 Zulkilfi
’52 3-2 Mountain
’54 3-3 Preston

Early morning feeling. Potchefstroom recovered a little more when a stormy night – rain, thunderstorms and occasional power outages – provided plenty of entertainment in Malaysia and Wales. The Asians, who had won 10-0 against Germany a day earlier, would go on to a smooth victory. Until the last twenty minutes until Wales suffocated. Goals from Jessica Hill and Cerise Preston gave the British the first point of the match. And Malaysia – often hostile – is new, but certainly not satisfied.

India – Germany 2-1
‘2 1-0 Lalremsiami (sc)
’25 2-0 Mumtaz (sc)
’57 2-1 Bluewell

India and Germany turned it into a fantastic game on Sunday morning at Potchefstroom. However, the title-winning Germany had to swallow quickly, as the Indians were immediately accurate from the first penalty corner. Things were even more painful for Germany, who played in the Pro League against ‘big’ India a few weeks ago – the Asians scored again from a corner. Germany signed the pitch before the goal, but did not come close, after they switched keepers to an extra field player. With this victory, India is sure to advance to the quarterfinals after two wins.

Austria v Uruguay 0-1
’55 0-1 Vidal (sc)
Uruguay, who excelled in the Pan American Cup, fell to Austria in a very short time. The team, known as the Reserve (after the cancellations of Australia, New Zealand and Belgium), took almost one run. Manuela Vidal prevented the Uruguayan team from losing points as they prepared for the second corner of the game. The level of the glass disappeared from the scoreboard just five minutes before the end.

South Korea – Argentina 0-2
‘4 0-1 Pacheco
’23 0-2 V. Raboso (sc)

Argentina got off to a great start against South Korea thanks to an opening goal already scored by fourth goalkeeper Diana Pacheco on the Potchefstroom. After silver Olympian Valentina Raboso’s striking corner, the game actually ended 23 minutes later. Argentina took the second three points of the match, but failed to increase the score further.