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The ‘Klim von Steinwiz’ National Inline Skating Tournament kicks off on Tuesday, May 3rd

The ‘Klim von Steinwiz’ National Inline Skating Tournament kicks off on Tuesday, May 3rd

Manon Cummings is here (in 2018) in Steinwig, beating Colombia’s Ara Quintana Herrera and Luce Karim Carson to run for victory. Photo: Neeke Wassenbergh

On Tuesday, May 3, for the first time in two years, a national inline skating competition will kick off in Steinwigs, featuring the Record Fork Cup. Famous Klim von Steinwiz is the first of eight marathons.

The races will then take place in Oldbrook (May 14), Amersford (May 27), Nigelmer (June 3), Utrecht (July 8), Boxmere (July 25), Upalton (July 30) and Otterlo (August 6).

Klim von Steinwijk will finish at the highest point in the selected 2400 meters course. The honorary list of this oldest race in our country shows that only the first place winners from Peloton were able to win here.

With nearly six wins, Gary Heckman has set a record on the climbing course, with some of the most beautiful wins during the 2016 European Championship title battle. After a thrilling final sprint, Heckmann defeated the Belgian Bart Swings, who is twice the best at Steinwig. Other wins include Arjen Schmidt (five times), Eric Hulzebosch (four), Ingmar Berga, Crisbiz Arians, Joach Hookeen and Sjord Heisman.

In the rich history of Steenwijks Skeelerklim, we find in the first decade the impressive list of honors with the names of Dries van Wijhe, Henri and René Ruitenberg, Edward Hagen and Haico Bouma. In addition to the Swings, other prominent foreigners also stood on the awards podium, namely French players Cedric Mycott, Michael Byrne (Australia) and Peter Michael (New Zealand).

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And only the Complete Riders among women were able to beat Klim von Steinwich. Elma de Vries is a three-time winner. Belgium’s Jessica Gaudேசsbus, Italian legends Francesca Lolopricida and Manon Cummins had two wins. Earlier, sisters Janita and Greta Smith both had two wins. The last Klim run winner in 2019 was Marijke Cronwood, who defeated strong German Josie Hoffman and favorite Manon Cummings in the final sprint.

Marijke Groenewoud then made his steady progress by becoming the World Mass Start Champion and won the bronze medal in team pursuit during the Olympics last winter.

For the fifteenth time in a row, ELEQ is the main supporter of mastering electricity Klim von Steinwich, which is used for 36. e Calendar and Oldbrock time is one of the longest inline skating marathons in our country.