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Pascal Jakobsen on the new club tour: “The boys are back in town”

They would not call themselves rusty, but the usual is beyond question. Pascal Jacobsen says that is not even the case before their new club tour, which they will start tonight in Antwerp. The band has played very little over the last few months, with ten of the most fantastic performances according to the singer. But they are really looking forward to the tour. Jakobsen: “It’s great to be entering a period where we’re on tour. We’re really working with the band.”

Ticket sales for the shows are going well, but according to Jacobson it doesn’t seem self-evident. “There is no club in the Netherlands that does not book anything for an evening. The national offer is huge. So it is not obvious that we are selling tickets. We are very happy with it.”

New music

BLØF released a new EP last summer, Polaroids_01, But that is not the theme of this tour. “The boys are back in town, and we’re back on the road,” according to Jacobson.

According to him, they will be playing EP’s songs during the tour, but also playing new music. Jakobsen: “We want to release the new solo in a very long time, in two or three weeks. Then there will be new work, and you want to play it again.”

Listen to the full conversation with Paskal Jakobsen from BLØF here.

Until Christmas, the band will play in major theaters such as Alkmar, The Hague, Soul, Croningen, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Heerlan, Tilburg and Nijmegen.

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