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Ook Pat Krimson kreeg al aanvragen voor illegale feestjes: “Er borrelt van alles. De mensen zijn het beu”

Pat Crimson also received requests from illegal parties: “…

DJ Pat Krimson received three requests in a week to perform illegal parties.
Photo: Pat Crimson

After police stopped a wild party with 300 people this weekend, celebrity DJ Pat Crimson is now also starting to sound the alarm. In a good week, he received three requests to perform in illegal parties. “It feels like everything is popping up. It is time for the juvenile sector to be brought into the party safely. Because people are fed up with it.”

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Patrick Claesen (55), better known as Pat Krimson of 2 Fabiola, posted a surprising message on his Facebook page on Monday morning. He writes: “Policymakers, Wake Up!” “Last week alone, I received three requests for DJ sets in deserted locations. From a chalet in the Ardennes to a shed deep in a forest in Dutch Limburg.”
The DJ did not respond to the proposals. Although he was offered his wages three times to one of the parties in Belgium – a performance for a hundred people. “Of course I didn’t go into that,” he explains. “But the fact that requests are coming to me and other DJs means that everything is growing. People are honestly tired of the words. And this creates dangerous situations. I invite the juvenile sector to participate so that the parties can be held safely. Of course according to the standards of the Corona. This is completely possible.” We have been home for a year now, but we can help organize parties safely. ” “Batey” Crimson regrets that the word “party” has acquired such a negative connotation a year after the spread of Corona. “Although people have an enormous need for freedom and relaxation. Please make decisions before everything gets off the rails and is regulated illegally.”

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