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Patrick Lefebvre keeps his word and starts with his own women.

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In September, the Deceuninck – Quick-Step team manager gave the following pepper answer to the question of when to start with the women’s team. “Belgium has enough good riders… but what do you start with? The first is to turn those women into cyclists. I have no experience, time, money or desire to invest if I do not know where to go. With all due respect, but I’m not OCMW, hey. “

“I’m glad he’s not interested in women cycling,” replied best rider Lizzie Deacon shortly after. “I just wanted to point out that there are currently eight or more riders who do not have a contract to make me compete on the world tour,” Lefevere replied in his column on the Head Newsflat. “But a women’s group is definitely a path we are investigating.”

Shari Poseidon. © Mark von Hecke

The time has come in 2022. The NXTG Racing Team is affiliated with Xperza, which was founded with the help of Lefebvre and has until now sponsored the cycling team of the wife of its sports director Rick von Slick. The new team will be called NXTG by Xperza.

“First of all I want to say that – no matter what many people think – I have nothing against women cycling,” Lefebvre told Cyclists. “On the contrary, I’m starting an adventure with Experza and NXTG now because the women’s race is growing so fast. However, I think there are currently very few top riders to fill all the existing World Tour teams. By providing them with the environment.That’s why I got in touch with Natascha Knaven-den Ouden, the founder of NXTG Racing (Jolien D’hoore will be playing director at U23 next season, ed.). Can be made more stable.

© Belka

“Looking around”

Lefevere says she will “look around for a year” in cycling for women. “Thanks to the Experza company I co-founded with Sylvie Anraed, I found a solution for 2022. It gives me the opportunity to look around. In fact we are going to test the race of women. We are currently in talks with our current partners to see what they can do and whether they want to invest.” Step – Our ambition with Alpha Vinyl is to make it as fast as possible and to promote cycling for women, and we understand its importance.

But we still have to wait a little longer for the quick-step women’s team. “Like men, I want to form the most successful women’s team,” it sounds. “I’ve been thinking for a long time about buying an existing team, but it’s not right. That’s why I do it the other way first.

NXTG Racing was established in 2019 as the UCI team to provide a place for the talented juniors of the APB Development Team. The goal of NXTG Racing is to provide riders with a professional training environment with a high-quality competitive program to reduce the difficult hierarchy from Junior Lady to Elite Rider. In all three seasons, the team has firmly established itself in the top 20 globally. Along with Charlotte Cool and Shari Bosuit, the two riders are now switching to the UCI Women World Tour.

One of the riders of Lefevere's new team is Cheney Knavan.

One of the riders of Lefevere’s new team is Cheney Knavan.

NXTG of the Xperia 2022:

Fian Masore (Belgium – 2003)

Maureen Arens (Netherlands – 2003)

Yuli van der Molen (Netherlands – 2003)

Chennai Navan (Belgium – 2003)

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Ilse Pluimers (Netherlands – 2002)

Mount Rijnbeak (Netherlands – 2002)

Allie Wollaston (New Zealand – 2001)

Elaine von Ruizen (Netherlands – 2001)

Julia Borgstrom (Sweden – 2001)

Gaya Masetti (Italy – 2001)

Amelia Sharp (Great Britain – 2001)

Cassia Poglio (Australia – 2000)

Britt Navan (Belgium – 2000)

Amber Airnuts (Belgium – 2000)

Mylene de Zoete (Netherlands – 1999)

Lone Mirtens (Belgium – 1998)

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