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Radio Diary of December 4

History has its rights. Past events, but the most recent past events. That is why we have updated the radio diary. ‘ Very definite update. We are moving forward more than ever and connecting as closely as possible with the present. This is a history of radio broadcasting between 1900 and 2020.

It should be included in your history book as well

1970: After presenting the ‘Top 30s’ for VPRO for a year and a half, Justin Dreger brings the list to NOS on Fridays from 4pm to 6pm. That is how the ‘National Hitbrate’ came to be.

1973: Radio North Sea International has approximately 40,000 members. It is enough for a candidate to become a broadcaster in a public broadcasting system.

1999: Record maker Renee Schreijenberg buys cable station Hollands Glory from ‘Stronghold’ and ‘SBS Broadcasting SA’ publishers with her new ‘PV Un-Toss-Dress Media’. Edward Knife Director. The station becomes the national radio. Negotiations are underway today with FM to use two AM frequencies (1332 kHz) and 1035 kHz.


– Noordzee FM and 3FM will be a national station for about ten minutes at 5.20pm. This is due to a phone conversation between Patty Brard and Ruud de Wild. At the heart of the debate is where Robert Jensen is.

– Appoints (again) Radio Veronica FM producer Ben LeBron. From 9/1/2004 from 10pm to midnight he will significantly raise the dance level.

1954: USA

A New York judge has charged DJs with using the nickname “Montag”. Alan Fried was imprisoned. Blind composer and street musician Louis D. Hardin himself was able to prove that he had used that name before.

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1966: New Zealand

Radio Howrah officially starts on ‘MV Tiri I’. Tests with the new transmission tower and antenna yield positive results.

1982: Previous savings are being transferred to BBC Radio 1. Mike Smith is a morning DJ. Saturday and Sunday evening shows will feature Janice Long, Annie Nightingale and Gary Davis.

1983: The ‘MV Communicator’ departs from the port of San Miguel in the Azores to New Ross, Ireland.

1984: Eight Paris radio stations, such as the NRJ, are at risk of losing their licenses. However, nothing can be done by the Supreme Press Council. They are whistled by warlord Talita and President Franுவாois Mitterrand.

1985: Police confiscated the studio and broadcast materials of Radio Lily 80. The project was the brainchild of Henri Nogres, the French leader of the Human Rights League.

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