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Pay attention to your health: Why is toasting bread not a good idea?

Pay attention to your health: Why is toasting bread not a good idea?

When we toast bread, a reaction occurs in the bread. This is a chemical reaction that causes bread to turn brown when heated. This reaction is responsible for the browning of bread and the delicious aroma we associate with freshly toasted bread.

But there's more to it than just developing delicious-smelling bread. The texture of bread also changes when toasted. The heat from the toaster causes the water in the bread to evaporate, resulting in a drier, more fragile texture.

There are also nutrients that change during the roasting process. For example, toasting can increase the antioxidant content of bread. However, some vitamins, such as some B vitamins, can decrease due to high temperatures.

It is also important to note that while toasting bread can make it tastier, it can simultaneously lead to the formation of harmful substances, including a chemical linked to cancer. This substance usually forms when bread is toasted at very high temperatures until it becomes too dark or burnt.

So what changes when you toast your bread? In short, it changes in smell, taste, texture and even nutritional value. But as with everything, moderation is key. Enjoying a toasted sandwich every now and then can be a delicious way to start the day, as long as you avoid burning the bread.

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