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Karakter in je badkamer: zo doe je het!

Personality in your bathroom: this is how you do it!

In most homes, the bathroom is essentially functional and hygienic: you’ll see white bathroom furniture, a large shower, a few toothbrushes, adequate cabinets for towels and grooming products, and a towel drying rack. There’s definitely nothing wrong with that, but you might want to get a little more personality in your bathroom. Just like in the living room or bedroom, you want your bathroom to radiate personality and warmth. We are happy to tell you how.

Hygine vs. Karakter

Well, the character is a little different than laying carpets in your bathroom in the ’80s. Your bathroom is, first and foremost, a room that should be easy to clean, because with dirty dog ​​feet, young children or sweaty athletes, the room quickly becomes dirty. As the first step, choose high-quality bathroom furniture such as a rain shower And a double sink. This way everyone can wash and redecorate the contents of their hearts. Then choose the style you want in your bathroom: are you going for the rustic style, or are you more of a modern or woodsy look? We have some tips in store for the three styles.

Country style your way

A typical country bathroom combines wood with dark colors, white or beige panels. To make it a little different, you can choose a pastel color instead of a beige such as olive green, blue-gray or light pink. You can also bring in personality by hanging picture frames, placing antique stools next to your bathtub or by choosing colorful towels.

modern with a touch

A modern bathroom can look very clinical, especially if it’s all white. So choose a newer, modern bathroom: concrete floor, matte black faucets, and wooden furniture. Provide character and comfort by adding hanging plants and incorporating large skylights. Also, do not forget that the appearance of a file WC Very important in a modern bathroom. A wall-mounted toilet gives your bathroom that streamlined look.

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What does the wood look like?

Too much wood in your bathroom is not good: it is still less moisture resistant than tile and wood wears out very quickly because the bathroom is used extensively: cleaning, lots of soap and dirt are not kind to wood floors and furniture. So choose high-quality wood, and do not take everything from the wood, because soon it will become too much. So choose, for example, a wooden floor, but with natural stone furniture and white walls, or choose a stone floor with wooden furniture. Make your bathroom more comfortable by hanging eucalyptus in the shower, placing jars of jewels on your counter or displaying your sweetest shampoos.

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