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Pertussis vaccination for UMCG staff who work with young children. “It's also meant to be a signal.”

UMCG gives staff who have contact with patients aged six months and younger the opportunity to be vaccinated against pertussis.

Vaccination is linked to the recent resurgence of pertussis virus in the Netherlands. It is a highly contagious virus and can be especially dangerous for young children. Whooping cough can cause a lack of oxygen, leading to brain damage. Last winter, four children died in the Netherlands from whooping cough.

Vaccination personnel should provide additional protection for the youngest patients from contracting the disease. The invitation is extended to all UMCG staff in the Women and Children Group and to other staff who have contact with young people.


“If mothers of babies get the shot at 22 weeks during pregnancy, the babies are reasonably well protected from whooping cough,” says physician and microbiologist Andreas Vos (UMCG). “We know that unfortunately not all mothers take this shot. This carries risks for the baby, especially since whooping cough spreads so quickly. By vaccinating our staff, we are reducing the possibility of infection occurring within the hospital. It is also a signal to everyone that vaccination is very important.”

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