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Verstappen does not complain about Saudi Arabia's training: 'Smooth sessions with room for improvement'

Verstappen does not complain about Saudi Arabia’s training: ‘Smooth sessions with room for improvement’

Max Verstappen has nothing to complain about after his first two practice sessions for the Grand Prix in Saudi Arabia. The world champion spoke of “smooth sessions”, having finished second in Red Bull both times. Only Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc was twice as fast. He didn’t say anything else about the missile attack that happened quite a bit during free practice.

“We have been able to complete our program and try different tire types. Ferrari seems to be very fast again, so we still have at least some work to do to catch up. But there is a lot of room for improvement,” said the 24-year-old Dutchman. .

Walls a little back
Verstappen saw that in some places on the narrow Jeddah circuit, the walls had sagged a little. In qualifying last year, he hit the wall in the last corner and missed out on first place as a result. He then finished second behind Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton in an eventful race.

Verstappen seeks revenge in Saudi Arabia. He retired from the opening race in Bahrain last Sunday due to technical problems before the end of the race and did not score any points in the championship. The Limburger was second behind Leclerc when the engine’s fuel supply began to falter.

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