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Peter Van Asbrouck impersonates Marc van Ranst in a new comedy |  showbiz

Peter Van Asbrouck impersonates Marc van Ranst in a new comedy | showbiz

showbizIt’s been four years on TV since BVs were still being imitated in “Against the Stars,” but the look is now back…on stage. Starting in August, the Farcetheater will present the comedy “Greetings From 2032” featuring Peter Van Asbroeck as Marc Van Ranst, Katja Retsin as Cora van Mora and Chris Van Espen as Stephen van Guchte. The latter, known for impersonating characters such as Sam Gooris and Jani in “Against the Stars,” wrote and directed the piece.

As the title “Greetings from 2032” suggests, this brand-new farce is set in the future. Chris Van Espen, known from the book Against the Stars, provides text and direction. “A piece about what life here would look like in ten years sounded like a good idea,” he says. “Then you get mustard from some of the characters we’ve seen a lot on TV over the past couple of years. Then you quickly end up in Marc van Ranst. If he lived in America, he would already have been a world star.” So the Belgian became the most famous in the movie “Greetings from 2032”. Peter Van Asbroeck can crawl into the skin of the country’s most famous virologist

In 2032, the notorious virus will also force everyone home again. A few well-known Flemish people organize a closing party on the sea out of misery. In Bill, you’re already familiar with Katja Ritsen as Cora van Moura, Donut Dermaker as Elio Di Rupo, Krystal Domaine as Delphine Boyle and Sebastian de Smit as Ben Waits. “I will play with the great rival of Van Ranst again. Laughs Van Espen, in ten years that will undoubtedly be Stephen van Guchte.” He wants to destroy Van Ranst’s popularity, but as happens in a crazy comedy, everything is getting out of hand here too . So expect unexpected twists, all kinds of misunderstandings and a lot of quality of the show.”

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The salutes from 2032 will be played at Middlekirk from August 2022 and then fall in Ghent, Zuinard, Oudenaard and Gerardsbergen and in the spring of 2023 in Antwerp and Hooglede. Tickets and information via

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