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Peter van Esbroek is back on TV after seven years: 'I understand people are asking what I'm doing now' |  Television

Peter van Esbroek is back on TV after seven years: ‘I understand people are asking what I’m doing now’ | Television

With roles in “Thuis”, “Zone Stad”, “Flikken” and “Family”, and also as a presenter of “Now or Never”, “Come to eat”, “Bananasplit” and “Help, Mijn Man Is Klusser”, Van Asbroeck was One of the dominant players on TV for many years. But in the meantime, he has not been seen on screen for several years. “I can understand that people are wondering what I’m doing these days,” Peter van Asbrouck told Heath Newsblad. “Or they think I have nothing to do. I no longer work in television, but I do well in theater. Although that always gets less attention in the media.” In addition to this, Peter also has a few regular clients for whom he makes commercials.

In 2010, Van Asbroeck signed an exclusive contract with VT4, but was replaced on screen only two years later. “Sometime in 2011 it was announced that Woestijnvis would take command of VT4 and I immediately saw the storm coming. A story which also turns out to be not very successful, because in the meantime these channels are again taking a different path than Woestijnvis’ original setup. Today TV is purely commercial again.”

So a return to the current Play4 is unlikely, but the actor will appear on VTM this evening at “De Buurtpolitie VIPS”. There Peter ends up in a strange situation. An unknown woman gets into the car with the presenter. She insists that Peter is her husband. Peter sees no other choice but to carry on with her delusion which results in funny but also endearing scenes.

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