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Paramount Announces Third Series of Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles Movies – Gaming – Geeks.

So Dune is a much more expensive project and involves a much larger group of easily replaceable people who plan space for this movie so they can’t work on other projects.

The simple fact is that with an IP like Sonic, you have the kind of security that you don’t have with Dune. I think the success of the first part is also very much the hype and the question is whether fans want to see the next.

Meanwhile, Sonic will also do well in live broadcasts, DVD releases and merchandising and kids will watch over and over again. It’s also a more accessible movie to be played in the background, where you really take your time in Dune.

It’s also why, for example, these Adam Sandler movies have been going on for so long.

Plus, of course it is the case that Paramount+ is working hard on content and therefore wants to generate an IP, while Sega has quite a few other things to do at the moment. In terms of games too, Sega has continued to make Sonic games, while with few exceptions they have not met the highest standards of quality; They knew it would sell. This is in contrast to, for example, the new Shenmue.

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