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PFOS contamination: “Earth Resistance Committee report offers very few guarantees” |  interior

PFOS contamination: “Earth Resistance Committee report offers very few guarantees” | interior

The report, which was submitted by the Land Resistance Authority last week, “does not provide sufficient guarantees for the public health of local residents and workers.” This is the opinion of the local working group Grondrecht, which analyzed the report with independent experts. According to the organization, this is very vague and non-binding.

Last week, the Earth Resistance Committee ruled that work on the Oosterweel link could continue. The commission, headed by Karl Franken, appointed by the Flemish government, was charged with the task of investigating whether the ongoing work on the Oosterweel link on the left bank could be carried out properly due to PFOS contamination.

This is because the business will move large amounts of soil in an area contaminated with PFOS as a result of 3M’s activity. It was therefore necessary first to consider how to carry out excavation work in a safe manner, without transferring contaminated soil to uncontaminated parts and without endangering the health of the local population. According to the commission, this is possible if the client Lantis adheres to a number of recommendations.

There are not enough guarantees

Meanwhile, the Fundamental Rights Working Group analyzed the report with independent experts. “We maintain our position that this report does not provide sufficient guarantees of public health for local residents and workers,” says Eva Frooninckx from Grondrecht.

She deplored that the report still does not provide answers to the population to the questions that have already been asked. “We find it irresponsible, for example, that the framework for standardization remains unquestioned. The same applies to the principle of packaging. There is no scientific evidence that this method of work is safe and healthy. Expect guarantees about this, these have been available So far. It’s still not available,” Frooninckx said.

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new questions

In addition, the report also raises many new questions. “We have questions for each paragraph of the report. For example, how are dust measurements made and can it be ensured that gusts of wind do not harm workers and local residents? Or what is meant by the proximity of the residential and recreation area? Can this be made tangible? For Grundrecht, the report is very vague and non-binding.

On Friday, Fundamental Rights sent a list of questions to all parliamentarians and Karl Franken. “Only after all of these questions are answered can it be decided whether the Oosterweel business is safe for people and the environment,” the local working group said.