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Tesla Offers ‘Full Autonomous Driving’ in a Subscription Model for $199 a Month – Voice and Vision – News

Tesla has its own subscription form fully self-drivingView the package. For $199 per month, Tesla owners who have compatible devices in their cars can take advantage of the features. FSD is also available for purchase for a one-time fee of $10,000.

For those who still have the now discontinued Enhanced Self-Driving package, a subscription costs $99 per month. Subscription prices do not include value added tax. For FSD, the so-called hardware level 3.0 from the automaker is required. Tesla introduced this level of hardware in its cars in 2019. If owners don’t have this hardware, it first requires a one-time $1,500 upgrade. Which Reports, among others, Electrek.

Tesla reports on a supportpage Offer valid only in the United States at this time. Euro rates are not yet available, but a one-time upgrade to the FSD costs €3,800 in the Netherlands and Belgium. To get this money, users get Autopilot navigation, automatic lane change, recall, fully self-driving computer, traffic light On Stop sign control.

Although the package is called Full Self-Driving, Tesla warns that the feature package will not allow Teslas to drive without driver input. Earlier this year, a Tesla engineer stated that Tesla is currently working… The 2nd level of autonomy And that Musk is very optimistic about his predictions about the progress of the development of self-driving systems at Tesla.

Those who don’t go to FSD will get the autopilot package as standard on Tesla. This consists of adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist, in places where these lines are clearly visible on the road.

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It’s the first time Tesla has offered features for its cars on a subscription basis as an alternative to a one-time purchase. CEO Elon Musk announced the show, but it was postponed several times.

Tesla isn’t the only automaker with features as a service wants to display. It owns Porsche, BMW, Audi, Lexus, Mercedes and General Motors, better known as Chevrolet, according to Piece of Bloomberg It also plans to offer certain vehicle functionality in a subscription model.

Display in the Tesla app (Image via Electrek)