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Picture right: This style tree is a winner

Picture right: This style tree is a winner

A great science or technology film on our site every Monday to get your work week off to a great start. This time: A walking tree?

fans of lord of the ringsTrilogy (Lord of the Rings) When they see this tree, they immediately think of Ents, JRR Tolkien’s fantasy world of Middle Earth, walking creatures that resemble trees.

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But this tree grows north of Karemia, a small village in New Zealand. Its split shaft makes these diva heels look like they’re taking a walk. No doubt that was the reason for his first prize New Zealand Tree of the Year– League.

The tree in question is a northern proportion (Metrosideros robustaA 25 meter tall and 1000 year old flower producing tree.

Not so good

The ants discovered by Tolkien protect the plants they resemble, while the northern ratas are less common. They begin their life as an epiphyte, a plant that grows on another plant. Although they do not steal nutrients, they grow towards the ground and eventually surround their host.

That process may account for the trunk’s unusual shape, said Brad Cadwallader of the New Zealand Arborecultural Association, which organizes the competition. Radio New Zealand. “The host tree is now gone. Maybe it was too big or another tree fell and leaned over the host tree, splitting the roots near the ground.

was saved

This success tree is almost non-existent now. About 150 years ago the area was cleared to make way for farmland. But the farming family must have seen the beauty of the tree in those days, because it was the only one that was saved.

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People today apparently still find him special; ‘Nadai Maram’ easily won with 42 percent votes.

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