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Piers Morgan on the ruling in Prince Harry's lawsuit: "He won't admit the truth if you hit him in the face" |  Property

Piers Morgan on the ruling in Prince Harry’s lawsuit: “He won’t admit the truth if you hit him in the face” | Property

In a video message, he responded angrily to the statement. “As I have always said over the years, I have never hacked a phone or asked anyone else to hack a phone. And no one has ever provided any evidence to prove that I did.” The fact that Prince Harry said after the judge’s ruling that it was a “good day for the truth” missed the mark. Also to the broadcaster. “The Duke has been exposed several times in recent years as someone who wouldn’t recognize the truth if it hit him in the face, tanned by the California sun. Piers Morgan said: “He demands accountability from the press, but refuses to take responsibility himself for smearing the royal family, and his family, as a group of racists without providing any evidence to support these outrageous allegations.”

Prince Harry has filed a lawsuit against the publisher of several British tabloids. Concretely, this included 33 newspaper articles published between 1995 and 2011. It was about the private life of the prince. The judge found that fifteen of those articles were prepared with the help of phone hacking or other illegal information gathering. Now that the prince has succeeded in his case, he can count on compensation of £140,600 (€163,768).

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