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Do "traitors" stab each other in the back?  "Walter's sick, he needs to get out."

Do “traitors” stab each other in the back? “Walter’s sick, he needs to get out.”

Jamie Lee Six in “Traitors” attempts to drag colleague Loïc Van Impe into a plot against fellow saboteur Walter Damen. © VTM

It should be three against all. at traitors Jamie Lee Six (23), Luke van Imbe (29) and Walter Damen (50) seemed to be on their way to sending Allies home one by one. Now the vandals seem to be turning on each other. “Walter wants to kill me.” Another indication that things aren’t going well between BVs?

Dennis van Goethe

Wendy Van Wanten, Sage de Donker, another basketball star, Ann Waters. Allies invade one by one traitors Prey to the trio Jimmy Lee Six, Luke Van Impey and Walter Damen. Over the past few weeks, they’ve managed to get most players to look the other way, while spoiling the game. Only Astrid Coppins defends herself like the devil in a jar of holy water. She has a dam in her sight. But due to her forward approach, she is gradually getting other allies against her.

lawyer and

Lawyer and “traitor” Walter Damen is unpopular with Jamie Lee Six. “He’s playing it sloppy.” © VTM

Safe-for-profit behavior for vandals, you think. But tonight there will be an overlap on the line between Six and Damen. The young influencer was tired of the behavior of the arrogant lawyer and considered him a danger. Six wants to collude with Van Embe.


“I’m Walter sick of bullshit,” Six says. “He wants to kill me, he’s already said it in the car. Walter plays it dirty. He’s smarter than us and Luke has recognized him. I’m done with Walter’s manipulation. It’s still me and Luke.” off the radar† Walter stands out a lot. He has to get out.”

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Six wants to convince Van Embe of her plan, but the TV chef blocks the boat. He sees it as an internal betrayal. Six are still convinced: “We have to move forward with two traitors.”

A striking turn, although it is not surprising how severe it is. Early in the game, it turns out that the famous Flemish are ruthless to each other. Biologist Dirk Drolan even spoke of “frustration” among his fellow candidates, who continued to languish after the shooting. Coppins was accused of “a very high level whore”, and Wendy Van Wanten, who was eliminated early, did not want to join the candidates’ Whatsapp group after the registrations.

VTM already tempered by saying that traitors The game of lies and manipulation, and that mutual tensionsPart of the gameTo be. According to the announcer, everything other than the game was friendly.

Traitors, VTM, 8.35pm

Will the curtain fall on the trio in a movie

Will the curtain fall on the trio in ‘Traitors’ tonight? © VTM