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Pirates of the Caribbean-esque Jungle Cruise comes straight to Disney +

Pirates of the Caribbean-esque Jungle Cruise comes straight to Disney +

Walt Disney Studios is adding another new movie to the Editors’ List who will be making their debut on Disney + via VIP Access. Jungle excursion, That’s just like Pirates of the CaribbeanThe theme park-based movies will be released both at Disney + and in theaters.

This means that people who can’t go to the movies to see the movie can also buy it on Disney +. That’s why you pay € 21.99 for one time in the Netherlands. Beginning July 30, the film will be available to stream on Disney +.


Jungle excursion
Announced before Dwayne Johnson, One of the Champions and Producers, via Instagram. Tell fans that the movie will be showing in cinemas as well as in their living rooms:

Jungle excursion It is the fourth movie to premier this year on Disney + via VIP Access. So the hybrid release model should be successful for the movie studio.

at Jungle excursion We follow Commander Frank Wolf and researcher Dr. Lily Hutton, who ventures into the Amazon in search of an ancient tree with healing powers that is forever changing the future of healthcare. The unlikely duo faces many dangers and superpowers during their journey.

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