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PlayStation 5 with console covers does not cause boredom

You can quickly get a nice colorful PlayStation 5 addition to the new ‘console covers’ without having to deal with third parties.

Both Sony and Microsoft have done a little differently when designing their new consoles. They both look like a huge skyscraper. Although the Xbox Series X is a kind of old skyscraper in the US, the PlayStation 5 is similar to the Hyper Modern Chinese design. Does that make sense too? Little.

Console covers

Anyone with a PlayStation 5 will probably have noticed: the black area where the technology is located, the two white plastic ‘covers’ can be removed and these actually act as a kind of cover plate. Sony invites palettes for PlayStation 5 console cards. The only thing you can do by removing the console cards is to replace or wrap them, for example you can not do much with them from Sony. That will change now.

Colorful covers

Well, then the picture of the completely black (Midnight Black) PlayStation 5 is a bad example, but it is also possible. Available in Cosmic Red, Nova Pink, Starlight Blue and Galactic Purple. For the average person: magenta, pink, light blue and purple. You can quickly order console cards for your PlayStation 5 for $ 54.99, after which replacing the trays is one thing.

The Netherlands?

We say $ 54.99 because Dutch prices are unknown. Sony claims that residents of the following countries can obtain console cards for the PlayStation 5: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Taiwan. , Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea (we suspect the southern part), and the Philippines. Ordering a package from Germany should not be impossible.

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Avoid us console covers for PlayStation 5, so if you want to make your PlayStation layout a little more colorful you can order new controllers. All of the above colors are used to color the white parts of the PS5 controller. Keep in mind that these are not interchangeable areas. So you need to buy a new controller. Five new colors will be available from January 14, 2022 and are expected to cost. 74.99 from Sony. Regular white 69.99 euros.