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The United States has blacklisted the Israeli companies behind spyware / WillMedia

The U.S. Commerce Department has listed Israeli advanced spyware manufacturers NSO Group and Cadiru. According to the Department of Commerce, companies are engaged in activities that are “contrary to national security and US foreign policy interests.”

The NSO has been in the news in recent years, especially as repressive regimes around the world use their products to spy on journalists and activities. Attempts by human rights group Amnesty International to remove NSO spyware in 2020 have failed. Must be subject to military export regulations.

After all forgiveness is now perfect. Department of Commerce Says in a press release There is ample evidence that the NSO and Cadiru “created and distributed spyware to foreign governments that used these agents with malicious intent against government employees, journalists, businessmen, activists, scientists and diplomats.”

‘Pegacus’ spyware helps to monitor such regimes, for example, dissidents who have crossed the border. In addition to NSO and Cadiru, Russia’s Positive Technologies and Singapore’s Computer Security Initiative Consultancy have been added to the list. These companies help governments to access computer systems.

The move restricts the export, import, trade and possession of spyware products.

It was recently released as NSO Spyware Used against journalists of various international media. Amazon created it last summer All NSO infrastructure is offline. It has a significant background: after the assassination of journalist Jamal Kashoki CEO Jeff Bezos’ phone rang from Saudi Arabia, Trying to find something that can be blackmailed.

There it was: Bezos, then married, had an extramarital affair. Bezos, the gossip magazine of The National Inquirer, suddenly received text messages and embarrassing intimate photos. Bezos – who later married more – chose at the time For a plane ahead The tabloid would have wanted to intimidate him with that information.

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A research firm hired by Bezos to find out how those messages and photos ended up on the tablet discovered malware infiltration on his phone.

The NSO says it is “shocked” by the move. A spokesman said only measures to prevent terrorism and crime would be affected and announced the appeal. The NSO says it wants to demonstrate how their products are surrounded by strict oversight and respect for human rights. A spokesman says contracts with governments were terminated once it became known that they were abusing their products.

CPJ, the Press Freedom Organization, is pleased with this ‘first step’ in the business sector. CPJ believes in global oversight and transparency of spyware exports and use by governments.