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Pokemon Go Gym changes Pokemon distance after fan buzz

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Image: Pokemon Co.

Pokemon Co. Recently, Niantic developers decided to recall the gaming community remote needs for US and New Zealand players, I did No. Fits well with fans.

Niantic’s reason was, “Welcome to these two countries, the epidemic is almost over, isn’t it?” The fans were right when they pointed out that the epidemic was definitely an epidemic No. This forces athletes to collect more. Being so close about gyms and pokistops is something stupid and irresponsible. The hashtag #BoycottNiantic was created for users to express their dissatisfaction.

Is there size? Threats prompted developers to take action, in return, Earlier this month, Niantic began forming a “task force.”:

… We have heard your input aloud and clearly, to address the concerns you have expressed, we are taking the following steps: Exploring the world together while addressing specific concerns that have arisen in relation to long distance communication. We will share the results of this task force with the next shift in the sports season (September 1). As part of this process, we will be approaching community leaders in the coming days to participate in this conversation.

Although the task force has not yet shared the “full results”, they have already made a change, To announce After I quoted the bocostop and gym range from 80m to 40m on Twitter today, now they are bringing it to everyone as 80m:

Coaches – We look forward to sharing our staffing plans on September 1st, but don’t wait for one thing! Henceforth, the primary contact radius for PokéStops and Gyms around the world is 80 meters.

Thanks to everyone who heard your voice. We asked you and we understand that this will benefit many players. We will share more next week.

This is welcome news, especially given the context of what happened in the weeks leading up to the original remote change. Take New Zealand for example: Selected as one of only two countries to see distance change, due to the country’s best coveted. Last week saw its biggest outbreak since the outbreak began, Causing national closure The Hard game, not to mention crowds at 40m.

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