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TV: Electric racing car breaks record in ERA and KDG circuit solder

TV: Electric racing car breaks record in ERA and KDG circuit solder

The electric racing car of Karel de Groot Hogus School (KDG) and the Electric Racing Academy (ERA) broke the electric fold record in the solder circuit. With a time of 1.38.81, the current record was broken by more than 3.5 seconds. Researchers at KDG and ERA’s Center for Stability Movement have developed this racing car together, signaling the start of a completely new and sustainable racing competition (ERA Championship) to move into global motorsports. This record was set by Xavier Massen.

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The electric racing car broke the record in the ERA and KDG circuit solder
KdG and ERA broke the record with an electric racing car. Flemish ministers Juhal Demir and Lydia Peters also acknowledge the importance of sustainable movement.

“Technology and innovation will pave the way for lower CO2 emissions on the race track and public road. This record and the start of a stable non-emission race proves that motorsport and a healthy environment do not have to be the opposite. Says Energy Minister Juhal Demir.

Flemish Mobility and Public Works Minister Lydia Peters: “We follow all the technological evolution closely from the perspective of sustainability and road safety. The unimportant side effect is that such tracks from Circuit Solder are safe playgrounds for those who want to press the right pedal more deeply. You can on the open road. Of course not. Road safety, speed on the track. “

This record signals the beginning of an accessible entry level class for electric racing for racing drivers and technicians. So competition is a stepping stone for talented young drivers. In addition, it is a great impetus for technological innovations in electric cars on the race track and beyond. In this way, ERA and KdG work for a sustainable future for motorsport and, as an important step, for public operation.

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“It’s amazing to see the results of our practical scientific research into what we can use as a sustainable racing car and as an extension of electric driving in general,” says Chris Martens, head of sustainable operations at KDG’s Center for Professional Sustainability.

“Cooperation between the Center for Professionalism and ERA is important to us,” said Dieter Vanswijgenhoven, ERA’s technical director. “We complement each other’s knowledge well and in addition to KDG’s specific research expertise, we were able to use the university’s sophisticated infrastructure. Thanks to this electric racing car racing academy at the Electric Racing Academy and the ERA Championship.”

The recording attempt took place on the solder circuit: the best location because the focus here too is on electric drive and stability. Harry Steakmans, Director General of Circuit Solder: “Through efforts such as this ERA Formula Car, we demonstrate that Circuit Solder is ready to switch to electric car and motor sports. We want to see generational ‘outsources’ grow here. “

“We are very proud,” said Weirley Hendrix, general manager of KDG. “Through our practical scientific research, we want to be the engine of green prosperity through responsible consumption and production. This sustainable racing car is a great example of that value creation.”

The ERA and the Fixed Mobility Professional Center complement each other exactly. The Professional Center helps companies research research on sustainable motion. ERA first came to our house with a concrete problem in the in-vehicle network communication of the racing car.

“The Professional Center combines our knowledge with their specific knowledge and facilities such as the modern-roller bench at the Center,” says Tyr vans Wijenhoven, ERA’s Director of Technology.

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Chris Martens: “Expertise in understanding, improving and analyzing vehicle interactions has shown ERA the potential for powertrain optimization.

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As the ‘Official Technology Partner’ of the ERA Championship, Sustainable Car Development’s expertise center operates in conjunction with the further development of the electric car and telecommunications and information technology for ERA racing vehicles. In addition, they create their own vehicle control module that should become the central brain of the electric racing car. In this way, ERA and KdG jointly develop in-depth theoretical and application expertise in electric powertrains.

They apply the new knowledge they acquire directly to KDG’s professional bachelor’s degree. Martens: “The first contracts for the internship have already been made. ERA will also participate in the electric and hybrid vehicle training module and motorsport module.”

From the fall of 2021, ERA Championship races will take place at iconic races in Northern Europe, including the Circuit Solder. “The aim is to expand to other countries. For example, Japan is already showing interest in next year. The United States and New Zealand may follow suit,” said Vans Wijenhoven.

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