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Poland expects a "big" invasion from Belarus

Poland expects a “big” invasion from Belarus

In Belarus, there are thousands of immigrants near the border with Poland. They want to travel to the European Union, but the Polish authorities prevent this. But Belarus will not allow them to return either. As a result, tensions escalated in the border region for some time.

On Saturday evening, 50 people tried to enter Poland. They invaded the village of Starzina. Initially, 22 immigrants were detained. The rest later, too. They were taken to the border with Belarus. In total, there were 223 illegal attempts to cross the border on Saturday, according to Polish border guards.

Migrants are trying to enter the European Union themselves because conditions are deteriorating sharply. They have little or no food and temperatures drop sharply. Meanwhile, government leaders continue the discussion.

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In an interview with state television on Sunday, Putin said he was ready to help solve the migrant crisis. “We are ready to help her by any means necessary, if, of course, something depends on us,” he said. Russia is an ally of Belarus.

European Union countries hold Minsk responsible for the chaotic situation in the region. The regime of Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko is said to help migrants travel to the external borders of the European Union. This came in response to European sanctions imposed on Belarus after a crackdown on protesters who accused Lukashenko of electoral fraud. But it was also pointed out that Russia would be the real minds behind the event. Both Moscow and Minsk deny being behind the migrant crisis. In the interview, Putin said that he had spoken to Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko twice since the beginning of the migrant crisis, but initially learned about it from the media.

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Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on Sunday called on NATO to take “concrete steps” on the Belarusian border. He also said he is in talks with Lithuania and Latvia to see if they can implement Article 4 of the NATO Treaty. This means that consultations must take place when a Member State believes that the territorial integrity, political independence or security of a Member State is threatened.

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Meanwhile, Polish forces describe the increasingly tense situation at the border, with border guards saying they expect another “major attempt” to breach the border. to write Reuters. Poland has about 15,000 soldiers, border guards and policemen standing at the border.

According to the Daily Mail, Polish border guards are now claiming Belarus is arming migrants and asking them to enter the European Union.

The attack is believed to take place at the border at Koznica, one of the two main crossing points from Poland to Belarus. A spokesman for the Polish border guards told MailOnline: “After a ‘quiet’ night near the camp in Koznica, we are currently noticing more groups of armed officers from the Belarusian services in the area. We notice chaos among the migrants. There is also a TV broadcast car. Some tents are starting to disappear. Immigrants receive instructions, equipment and gas from Belarusian services. You can see that the Belarusian side is today (Sunday, editor). Preparing for a big attempt to cross the border. Our forces are ready for action.”

Belarus denies the allegations as false information. It seemed that “this does not correspond to reality”.

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‘People are not weapons’

In a statement on Sunday, the Belarusian Foreign Ministry said that the European Union’s foreign affairs coordinator Josep Borrell and Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei spoke over the phone about European sanctions imposed on Belarus and the migrant crisis. For example, Europe wants to impose sanctions in the form of a blacklist of airlines that fly over migrants to Belarus and make it difficult for diplomats to obtain a visa. “The Belarusian side stressed the futility of sanctions,” the foreign ministry statement said.

Borrell also stressed on Twitter: “People’s lives must be protected and humanitarian organizations allowed access,” he wrote. “The current situation is unacceptable and must stop. People should not be used as weapons.”