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Dozens of migrants breach the fence separating Poland and Belarus

Dozens of migrants breach the fence separating Poland and Belarus

Polish troops guarding the border © via Reuters

About 50 migrants entered Poland after breaching a barrier on the border with Belarus. Polish police said it happened Saturday evening near the town of Dubicce Sirkeuen. And 22 Iraqis have since been arrested.

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In Belarus, there are thousands of immigrants near the border with Poland. They want to travel to the European Union, but the Polish authorities prevent this. As a result, tension in the border region escalates significantly. There were reports that Polish security forces were stoned on Saturday in another attempt by migrants to cross the border. An officer was slightly injured.

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Police said they arrested four suspected smugglers in the border area: two from Georgia, a Polish and a Syrian. Independent sources cannot confirm this.

European Union countries hold Minsk responsible for the chaotic situation in the region. The regime of Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko is said to help migrants travel to the external borders of the European Union. This came in response to European sanctions imposed on Belarus after a crackdown on protesters who accused Lukashenko of electoral fraud.

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