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Police ask to report log4j attacks – Computer – News

You don’t need a report to conduct an investigation, do you?

Explanation in the article: “Reporting is necessary to obtain details about the attacks, such as the IP addresses used, and to gain insight into the ways the criminals operate. The THTC Ransomware Task Force, among others, will benefit from information about attacks through the vulnerability Log4Shell.”

People are busy like everywhere. If the citizens/companies themselves come and report that something happened, it saves a lot of time. The police also ask to report any stolen bikes, even though everyone knows most bikes never come back. Every Dutchman knows that bikes are stolen, so this permit is not necessary.

In general, you must report all crimes. But companies sometimes see this as too much work and bad for their image as well. Once you know something is going on, your shareholders and customers naturally want to take action, and these are usually very expensive.
They prefer to keep it a secret.

At this time of year, it also shows that half the country is free and that no one wants to work during Christmas. The attackers know this and are now striking. Victims who have to choose between their private lives or their work are quick to think, “Let their boss pay because I want to go back to Turkey.”
The attacks we’ve seen so far will mostly be from sides that can’t or won’t wait, either the small fish that have to move before the big fish come, or the attackers that have a specific target that needs to be hit by this hole. being a poem.

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I think a little has been reported because a) everyone has their hands full at solving the problem, b) every clever attacker is waiting for Christmas to start (especially in parts of the world where they don’t celebrate Christmas themselves), and c) many victims don’t yet know that they were injured.

Suppose the past few days have been used to make lists of potential victims and to sharpen digital bolt cutters. The next few days may be difficult. I understand that they want to gather as much information as possible while they still can.