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Police Chief Sent Ovaldi on Paid Leave: Is He Chief Gott or Official?

Police Chief Sent Ovaldi on Paid Leave: Is He Chief Gott or Official?

The chief of the Ovaldi School District, Texas, has been sent on paid leave. The reason for the leave is a “continuing lack of clarity” about police actions in the mass shooting at a local elementary school nearly a month ago.

Almost a month after the Ovaldi shooting, in which 19 children and two teachers were killed, there is one question: How can the police break into the school only after an hour and a quarter? After all, it took less than ten minutes after the first emergency call for several officers to get to the school. Is the local police chief Pete Arredondo wrong? According to Stephen McCro, the Texas head of security, there’s no doubt about that. He told a commission of inquiry that Arredondo “put the lives of his clients above the lives of children”.

In an interview with Texas TribuneThey have insufficient weapons and are under the spotlight, Arredondo said. They also weren’t carrying police radios, which made communication difficult. As a result, Arredondo was unable to take charge of the situation, when he was expected to. Then there is the main issue. Arredondo claims he was waiting for a key to give him access to the classroom where the gunman holed up. “Every time I tried to use a key, I prayed,” Arredondo said. McCraw replied: Not necessary. The class was not closed. Otherwise, how did the shooter get in?

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A stinging investigation said that police work “contradicts everything we have learned over the past two decades.” A few weeks ago, Makro said in the media that wrong decisions were made, causing the police to act too late. Arredondo reportedly refused to cooperate with a makru investigation after that. He also stopped appearing on the city council he was elected to shortly before the shooting.

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All these matters led the school board to decide on Wednesday to send Arredondo on paid leave. They usually wanted to wait for the investigation to finish, but trust was completely lost. Moreover, his presence is difficult for the relatives of the victims. “Get this guy out of our faces,” the grandmother of one of the victims told the city council on Tuesday.

The board meeting was very emotional. Mayor Don McLaughlin showed himself very frustrated About the media appearance of Makrow. He’s been waiting for information from his services since the day of the shooting, but he said he hit a wall. “I wonder who the hell is responsible for this investigation because it is impossible to get an honest answer to anything,” he said. According to the mayor, McCraw mainly wants to protect his services. Makrau is in charge of the regional police force, and at least 12 of them were at the scene on the fateful day. At the same time, he oversees an important investigation into the work of the police.