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Police defend themselves after violence during the Sarah Everest parade | Abroad

After hundreds of people gathered to remember Sarah Everest, photos of protesters being detained and handcuffed by police were circulated on social media. Awareness was actually blocked due to the corona. The police tried to disperse the rally.

But London Mayor Sadiq Khan said the police action was “unacceptable”. “From the pictures I’ve seen, it’s clear that sometimes the answer is irrelevant and inconsistent,” Khan wrote on Twitter.

One of the photos shows Patsy Stevenson lying on the floor and handcuffed. “I was arrested by the police for standing there. I did nothing, they just threw me to the ground,” he told Gutterfire.

“Later, when I was in the police car, they told me I could go home with a fine. I do not understand why they approach me like that. Meanwhile, the woman called for a protest in front of the parliament building on Monday.

Kate Middleton

Home Minister Priti Patel also called the pictures “disturbing”. The leader of the opposition Labor Party expressed himself more or less in the same words. “This is not the way to monitor this opposition,” Khair Stormer said. Ed Davey, leader of the Liberal Democrats, advised Police Commissioner Cressida Dick to think twice about whether he wants to continue. “Can you continue to trust the millions of women in London who you want to protect and defend?”

Evard, 33, was recently murdered and one of their agents is suspected of inciting anger and resentment over violence against women. Police had warned in advance that there would be a memorial or protest rally against Corona’s actions. An awareness campaign announced on Saturday at the memorial site for Evert in south London was canceled by the organizers.

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But that doesn’t stop people from paying tribute and focusing on women’s fears of sexual harassment and street assault. Kate Middleton, wife of British Prince William, also visited the memorial during the day.

In the evening it became tense and the police intervened. Pictures show that this led to clashes between police and protesters. Some of the women have been grounded by police and some of them have been arrested. Police confirm that a total of four people have been arrested.

Organizers said in a statement that London Police had refused to cooperate with them. “The police need to understand that women need a place to grieve, reflect and show solidarity. It is time for the police and the government to recognize that the criminal justice system is failing women. Tonight it again failed miserably for women.”

Police response

Assistant Commissioner of Police Helen Paul responded to the criticism. “We repeatedly asked those in attendance to obey the law. Unfortunately, a small minority began to chant, push and throw at the authorities.”

“The police must act for the safety of the people, which is their responsibility. But the reason I am addressing you now is because we accept that the work of our agents is being called into question. We don’t want to be in a position to maintain order in this way. But it happened. We feel the need to protect the safety of the people. “However, police activities will be evaluated.

Murder suspect

Awareness was held in the park, which was walking just before Everest disappeared. He went missing on March 3 while on foot in his hometown of London. Earlier this week, his body was found and 48-year-old agent Wayne Cousins ​​was arrested as the prime suspect. The 30-year-old woman, believed to be his wife, was arrested on suspicion of complicity.

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