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Government Biden tries to contact North Korea, but is ignored | Now

The administration of US President Joe Biden has been trying to establish contact with the regime in North Korea since mid-February. But so far the efforts have not been successful “through various channels,” says a senior U.S. official who wants to remain anonymous with the news agency. Reuters. “To date, we have not received a response from Pyongyang.”

For now, Biden’s government has been generally wary of its approach to North Korea. The new administration is said to be conducting a comprehensive study of goodwill policy under Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, who has held several meetings with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Trump then failed to give up his nuclear weapons to North Korea. According to an anonymous government official, no talks have taken place with the regime in Pyongyang for more than a year now.

Biden’s government has also approached the North Korean delegation to the United Nations in New York. But there is no answer.

Biden called Kim a “culprit” during the election campaign, and said he would meet him “only on the condition that he agreed to deactivate his nuclear capability.” A US delegation will soon visit South Korea and Japan. Concerns over North Korea’s nuclear program are said to be high on the agenda.

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