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Pommelien Thijs was a huge success at MIA's 2023 by taking home five awards

Pommelien Thijs was a huge success at MIA's 2023 by taking home five awards

With no less than nine nominations, Pommelien Thijs was the favorite in this edition. During the award ceremony in Antwerp Sportpaleis, she managed to get five nominations: “Album”, “Dutch”, “Pop”, “Best Song of the Year” and “Solo Artist”. The last category was gender neutral for the first time. “I am so grateful to the public who are incredibly appreciative of it,” she said upon receiving the statue.

What is striking: With the five awards, Pomilian won in all the audience categories for which she was nominated. It was not able to benefit from the nominations of the four sectors. Pommelien Thijs has now won a total of eight MIAs. Last year I was able to win three awards.

In addition to Pommelien Thijs, other Dutch-speaking artists also received awards. Aaron Blumert could take MIA home for 'Doorbraak'. Bazart won an MIA Award for “Group,” their tenth MIA Award in total. Prihang won the sector award for “Artwork” for his album Dream of food And he can take home his first MIA.

Portland also received its first MIA (“alternate”). Reggie wins for the third time in a row in the “Dance” category and thus wins his seventh MIA (four with Milk Inc). Coely wins for the third time in the “Hip-Hop” (formerly “Urban”) category. What is striking: dEUS and Metejoor, nominated five times, were unable to obtain a single statue.

A very emotional Hugo Segal has been awarded an MIA award for 'Flemish Popular' again, sixteen years after he won an MIA award with Nicole.

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Tom Pentens

The sector awards were announced live in the Brussels studio tonight, before the start of the television show. In addition to the Brihang Award, there was also an MIA Award for “Musician”, which went posthumously to Tom Pintens. Martin Devolder, who you may know from Balthasar Warhouse, won the MIA Award in the “Author/Composer” category. Tamino and Angel received an MIA Award for “Videoclip” for their song “Sunflower.”

Jasper Mackelberg received the MIA award for “Producer” and Charlotte Adigiri and Polis Popol for “Live act”.

The Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Bart Peters. ICP Recording Studios' music studio in Brussels has received the 'Sector Lifetime Achievement Award'.