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Ports in Europe are full of unsold Chinese electric vehicles

Ports in Europe are full of unsold Chinese electric vehicles

Doesn't the salt air smell nice in a new car? You might hear it from someone in the future, because it turns out that ports in Europe are full of unsold electric cars from China. Some samples have remained stable for up to a year and a half. We believe that a new car smell must come from a good source if it is to survive.

according to Financial Times China exports more cars to Europe than it can currently sell. This is not a problem with traditional car brands, because the cars then wait for their owner at dealers, but many of these Chinese car brands offer… foot Directly to buyers. So, until the cars are sold, they wait outdoors.

Financial Times He writes that car brands are using ports as storage for their cars and that ports are turning into huge parking lots. The port of Zeebrugge in Belgium, for example, is said to be a place where things are currently stuck, but there are also problems in Italy and Greece. In fact, it looks like some cars have been parked next to the sidewalks for a year and a half. This doesn't make an electric car better.

Many cars are coming

Moreover, it becomes more fun. Reuters Reports indicate that a record number of new ships have been ordered to transport cars. The Chinese fleet currently consists of 33 automobile transport ships, and this number is expected to rise to 80. They do not buy these ships for decoration; Therefore, the flow of Chinese cars will increase.

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For example, automobile brand BYD has had its own transport ship since the beginning of this year. You can see it in the picture at the top of the message. Most car brands rent ships from other shipping companies. It says something about the car brand's ambitions. The port you see there is not Zeebrugge, it is somewhere in China. This 199.9 meter long vessel can accommodate 7,000 vehicles.

There are not enough trucks to remove the cars

Another reason for the problem is the lack of trucks. There are already ships full of electric vehicles coming into the country, but there aren't enough trucks to get the cars to dealers and customers. If you receive a new electric car from China, see if you can find out its manufacturing date based on the chassis number.