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Positive publicity: “We literally give more room for positivity.”

Positive publicity: “We literally give more room for positivity.”

Initiator Arnaud Evenhais believed that every person is positive and optimistic by nature. According to him, bad news and superficial advertisements are often flooded. There is plenty of room for bad news, because good news is not news. We thought: there must be a better way! This way we literally want to give more room for positivity.

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The city is open again

We have set a trial period with the municipality of Groningen. The first issue is that the city is reopening. So that people can visit each other again and go to town again, we want to enhance that with these designs.

A total of four hundred posters are now hanging in the city. “We want to implement several projects in this initiative, but each time with a different theme. Always highlight something positive about what is happening in the city. We will do it three times in this trial period, but of course we hope to be able to stay longer.

budding artists

Marloes Dekker is also involved in the project. “Here you can see, for example, Daniel’s design, known as ‘Wet Sox’ and next to him is Anne Stalinsky, she says, referring to the posters. They are junior designers and also designers who have been working for a while. Anyone can sign up for our project.

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