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Opening of the sun hour during the solar eclipse -

Opening of the sun hour during the solar eclipse –

Since 2008, a real sundial has been on display at the Burgemeester de Sagherplein. The design came from Fred Schaffler, a passionate Poperinge scientist and engineer, who was particularly fascinated by space, the universe, and the solar system. On the occasion of the partial solar eclipse on Thursday, June 10, the sundial was renewed by the city’s technical department and reopened.

On Thursday between 11:19 and 13:31, the Moon moved past the Sun as seen from Earth. Through an annular eclipse, the Sun can be seen as a cookie that has taken a bite out of it. At its maximum (12:19 p.m.), the moon covered about 26% of the sun’s diameter. Then the moon gradually disappeared from the sun. At 1:25 p.m., the moon made its last contact with the sun and the eclipse ended. Those who wanted to observe a solar eclipse had to protect their eyes with a sun filter. Eclipse glasses are a simple and safe method, and they have been provided by the city.

Approximately 35 students from the fifth and sixth year of the free elementary school De Zonnewijzer have followed everything closely from Burgemeester de Sagherplein. A large screen is set up. The AstroLab Iris Observatory commented on the images from its base in Zillebeke. Live images can be seen on the left, and on the right side of the screen, representations were presented via an image diagram. A new board with explanations, written more for children, will soon be added to the sundial. The original painting was very scientific.

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“All of this fits in with Popering’s ‘space year,’ says Ben Hammerlink, the city’s technology policy coordinator. Originally, the intention was to start the year in March, marking the 80th anniversary of astronaut Popering Dirk Frimout’s birthday, but he was at home infected with the virus. At that time. But from Thursday 24 June, a space walk will be organized across the city. It will start next to the Hope Museum, in Dirk Freymot’s hometown. Moreover, a visit will be made to the Frimout monument in the city park, the roundabout at Casselstraat, which commemorates the trip Space, and there will be paintings everywhere that have to do with space and popping, like a big picture from the city’s first airship. Space will also dominate Popsjot.”

On Saturday October 16th, Starry Night will take place in the constellation of Jupiter and Saturn, from the rooftop terrace of the Municipal Technical Services Building along Ouderdomseweg. (Uh)