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Possibility of stealing content on the Internet

Possibility of stealing content on the Internet

He believes that anything that is publicly available on the internet and accessible without passwords can be stolen. Microsoft’s AI chief has somewhat controversial ideas.

Microsoft AI CEO Mustafa Suleyman told CNBC in an interview that he believes what’s being said on the open web is “free software” for training AI models. In other words, anything that’s publicly available on the internet can be stolen and used to train AI-powered chatbots.

A striking statement from a man who works for a company currently embroiled in several lawsuits over the theft of copyrighted online stories to train generative AI models. In the US, but also in the Netherlands, the way it works is that when you create a work, the copyright automatically and directly passes to you. You don’t have to commit to anything about it: it’s your work and you as the author are entitled to it. It’s not that when you put your own work on a website, you make it public and thus give up your copyright.

However, there is a gray area, which is “fair use”, in other words, the honest use of something. You may use some images online under “fair use.” There are also AI companies that say that training their models on copyrighted works falls under “fair use.” According to Solomon, all of this is fair use, unless you add to your website code that bots are not allowed to use it. But even then, there are a lot of AI companies that still seem to be using your content. In reality, Interested in trade Reporting that OpenAI is violating this code. OpenAI is Microsoft’s partner when it comes to artificial intelligence.

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Obviously, the final word on this matter has not yet been said, but it is now quite clear where Microsoft’s AI department stands.

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